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Active Oxygen Generator

  • Active oxygen is a non-chemical disinfectant. It is a natural occurring compound and has no harmful effects after use on human or the environment. It is It is dangerous if not properly handled but have great effect on bacterial, viruses, air-borne pollutants and small health damaging creatures like bed bugs and mosquitoes.
  • We carry a range of active oxygen generators to cater for general household to industrial use. We believe that “Our Technology, Your Safety”.
DEGA Sensor

Industrial Gas Sensor System

  • When toxic and flammable substances is in the equation, they will pose a threat to the surrounding and the environment around it. Thus, it is of up most importance to set up a system incase there is a leak anywhere.
  • With DEGA(tm)’s system, you can set up a detection system that is able to detect a wide range of toxic or flammable gases before it cause any harm.
LNG - Battery Pack
Battery LNG - GWRC

LNG Power Generator

GasHub Engineering
  • Fossil fueled generators are sources of carbon polluters yet we need them for our daily use, without them means without power to perform our work.
  • Based on our in-house technology, we have a range of the latest LNG powered generators to replace those old, expensive and pollutive generators

Permanent magnet Power motor.

  • TEMA’s in-house patented technology since 1989
  • Supply of electric power motors/generators ranging from 10kW to 1500kW.
  • Environmentally friendly, quiet, reliable, vibration and maintenance free with very high efficienc

HHO Generator

  • HHO, also know as Oxyhydrogen or Brown Gas, is a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gas. We are able to incorporate HHO gas into your combustion engine, be it gasoline or diesel. This will have the advantage of lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emission, contributing to a cleaner environment and engine.
  • Our in-house technology uses only distilled water unlike other systems and is simple to operate. Installation services will be provided and we guarantee the economy and green benefits of our solution.
GOLD51 Diesel - GWRC
Renewable Energy - GWRC

Green SynFuel

  • GWRC’s parent company has the technology and system to produce commercial grade synthetic fuel which is derived from sustainable source of biomass.
  • This is a 2nd generation synthesised fuel that does not require blending for use. It can be directly dropped into existing systems for use just like current fossil fuel.
  • We are promoting our synfuel under the brand ‘Gold 51 Diesel’ which is competitively priced to attract and encourage users to join the green movement.


  • Biochar is a non-toxic porous carbon material obtained from thermochemical conversion of organic material in an oxygen-limited environment. It functions as soil enhancer which improves soil condition, stimulates plant growth, enhances microbial life in soil, and sustains long lasting fertility.
  • When organic feedstock is converted to biochar before decomposition, the carbon is captured in a stable form and be sequestered in soils for hundreds and even thousands of years. The result is thus a net reduction of CO2.
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BioChar - GWRC
Wood Vinegar Market Chart - GWRC

Wood Vinegar

  • Wood vinegar is a natural, biological product that can be used in a variety of segments. While there are many possible applications, one of the most promising markets for wood vinegar is related to agriculture and organic farming. Wood vinegar is excellent pesticide and fertilizer that improves soil quality, helps elimination of pests and assists in the plant growth control by being able to accelerate the development of plants. It is often used to increase the amounts of fruits produced in orchards


  • Industrial Pipes, Valves & Fittings   
    • As most the products it sells requires pipes, valves & fittings, in order to facilitate the convenience and expediency of work, GWRC also assists and supply all the necessary accessories required.
  • Maintenance Services
    • GWRC provides maintenance and upgrade services to the products it sells namely equipment, tools and technologies